Our Ethos


All of our products are both inspired by and come from mother nature and so we want to take care of her.

We only use 100% natural soy wax and pure essential oils to make our candles. Our wicks are made of a blend of cotton and linen fabric. All of our jars are reusable or recyclable and we only use biodegradable or recyclable packaging. 

We don't buy any single use plastic for our business but some of our essential oils come in glass jars, and in order to protect them in transit our suppliers find it difficult to be completely plastic free. Where this happens, we reuse everything we get in some way, so if your order comes with a little bubble wrap from time to time, please know that our intention is to put the plastic to use rather than pointlessly straight into landfill.

We are passionate about supporting local and always choose local suppliers where possible.

Finally we believe that life is all about balance and every day should have lots of little joys in it. Tag us and share your little moments of everyday joy with us.